Recycling Batteries
Ni-Cad/Lithium Ion

Safely Dispose of Your Ni-Cad and Lithium Ion Batteries

Batteries contain harmful materials that, if exposed to water or earth, could cause serious pollution, not to mention health problems in the area wildlife. There is nothing worse that the possibility of heavy metals and caustic chemicals leaking into our water supply. That is why it is so vital that all batteries with ni-cad and lithium ion be disposed of the right way – through recycling.


Why Recycle

No matter what kind of battery you have, you can guarantee that it is full of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals that would cause you serious health problems if you were exposed to them.

Ni-Cad Batteries

These sealed cells are often used individually or assembled into fuel cells of a sort to power small portable electronics and toys. They usually come in cordless telephones, emergency lighting, and other small, portable devises. They are useful because while they have low voltage, they are also long lasting and difficult to damage.

Lithium Ion Batteries

These rechargeable batteries are very common in consumer electronics, and you probably have one in your cell phone right now. They are rechargeable and long lasting, and best of all the components of these batteries are environmentally friendly, because there is no free lithium metal used.

Call Your Loca Collection Center

Recycling programs for batteries have become increasingly common around the United States. In California, all batteries are legally required to be recycled, but other states take a more permissive approach. It is very important to recycle batteries, particularly ni-cad and lithium ion batteries, because the risk of corrosion and leakage is high the longer these batteries sit in landfills. When contamination becomes a concern, even in a place like the local dump, all levels of the ecosystem are affected. Protect yourself and the future of the planet by recycling your batteries with ni-cad and lithium ion.

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