Recycling Paint/Stain

Recycling Paint and Stains

Though most paint isn’t really considered recyclable, that doesn’t mean you should simply toss it out with the rest of your garbage. For one thing, the paint and stain cans are certainly recyclable, and the paint or stain inside them could do terrible things to the environment if not disposed of properly. You should always be sure to gather up any leftover paint, whether still in liquid form or already dried, and take them to a place where they can be disposed of properly. Recycle San Diego will help you ensure that your hazardous materials never get a chance to harm the environment in any way.

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Recycling the Paint and
Thinner Cans

As with any metal, these cans can be entirely recycled and used for new purposes. Because they do hold hazardous and flammable materials, it is important that you take them to a facility that will handle them correctly. As with any other metal, to attempt recycling is dangerous, because toxins could be released during the process. These metals must be heated to incredible temperatures in order to rid the reusable materials of the toxic materials.

Where and When to Recycle

Before taking your paints and stains to a recycling center in San Diego, it is important that you seek out the facilities that handle these materials. You cannot simply take your paint cans to a metal recycler, as they will not have the means to dispose of the paint and stains. Check for facilities that have experience disposing of hazardous waste as well as recycling services. It is usually free to drop off your materials, but you may want to make sure of that before you arrive. Also, so there are no surprises, be sure to check the operating hours. Most work on regular business hours, but you don’t want to take that for granted.

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