Recycling Sinks

Can You Recycle a Sink of Metal?

It makes sense that you can recycle a sink made of porcelain or stone—but how about regular metal? Yes, you can recycle sinks of metal too, though the recycling use may be slightly different. In fact, metal is often used in a variety of industries and 65% of all the steel currently produced is recycled.

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Donating sinks of metal to charity or as raw material
can help keep the earth clean…

Recycled metal of all types, including galvanized steel, can be melted down and re-made into new metal product. When material is recycled, natural resources such as iron ore, coal and limestone are saved. Your first option is to simply donate the old sink itself, in its whole form, to a charity organization or an individual who needs a working sink installed in a bathroom or kitchen. Even non-luxury sinks can be pricey, so individual donation or giving the sink to a charitable group like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity or The Salvation Army is a smart move.

How can you recycle the metal
material of sinks of metal?

However, you also have the option of scrapping the sink and salvaging its metal material. First, contact your city’s recycling program, often handled by the Department of Public Works. You may be able to bring it to the landfill center, or, you could look for local steel recyclers. Some scrap metal facilities or junk yards may even pay you for sinks of metal.

Turning old products into
new and improved products!

Remember, the metal can be turned into practically anything, including light fixtures, appliances, and of course, new sinks. In fact, some luxurious sinks are now being made of recycled materials! Make a difference in the world the next time you remove an old sink for renovation. Why not donate it to a noble cause?

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